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2018: Vegan Food isn't just for Vegans!

July 29, 2018

That's right! 


It's 2018 and the world is drastically changing their thought process concerning their health and what they put into their mouths. 


What do I mean by 'Vegan food isn't just for Vegans'? The last few years plant based food companies have recorded some amazing highs in sales. What is awesome about that is a large majority of them are not selling to JUST plant based/vegan peeps. Field Roast, who was bought out by a major meat producer for $120 MILLION DOLLARS, claims that a high percentage of their customer base was non-vegan and their customers were looking for alternatives to the deadly animal based meats. 


That is just one example of the BILLIONS of dollars spent by large companies who are buying out these smaller, yet very successful plant based/companies. 


So when I say, 'Vegan food isn't just for Vegans', I mean this two-fold. 


1) Your average Joe/Sue wants to eat healthier because they had a bad doctor visit where they are warned to stay away from foods like meat and cheese derived from animals in order to improve their overall health. Fortunately, companies like Field Roast, Impossible Burger, Beyond Meat, Gardein, Daiya Foods, Yves and so many more are here to help. 


2) With the above mentioned, that is hurting the meat and dairy industry. So much that the dairy industry is trying to get the nut milk companies from not using the word milk. I won't even get into how ridiculous that is...SMH. 

So now we have non-plant based companies purchasing plant based companies to help them with their profits. All the investors want to see is an increase in revenue. Since their revenue and stocks are down, they are going after their competition. Which in my opinion is great for everyone as the word is out there about living a plant based lifestyle and so many people are moving in that direction. Trust me.....these multi-billion dollar companies would not be spending upwards of $300-400 MILLION dollars to buy these companies if they didn't see the benefits to their shareholders. Again, which is good for everyone, because they will market and spread the word much farther than the little companies they bought out. 


2018 is the start of something big in the plant based/vegan world. The number of people moving to a plant based life is incredible. From professional athletes to actors and actresses. It's HUGE! And with that we are going to be a healthier world , save many innocent lives of our animal friends at the same time aid in the destruction of our environment. 


                       EAT HEALTHY LEHIGH VALLEY!


With all of that mentioned it's still hard to move toward a plant based/vegan way of eating if you have no clue where to start. 


That's why Laure and I started Why I Like Veggies. With the many documentaries on Netflix, Amazon and the like people have been ridding of meat and dairy and we were here to help them. 


Sure you can go out and grab some tofu and try to throw something together, but that is where many stop because they have no clue what to do with tofu and it tastes like...well, not good when you're a rookie and not sure what to do with it. :)


That is the number one point I make when someone says to me, 'I am going to go shopping and give this thing a try'. 


That is a set up for failure as it is something you just can't go out and conquer on your own. Think about it...you have been eating meat and dairy for years and years and you're going to just go out and try to replace all of that without any help from someone with years of experience?


Trust us.......a high majority will fail and spend a ton of money on things they don't know what to do with. 


Over the years we have helped HUNDREDS of people live a healthier lifestyle. Let us help YOU! Our plant based plans are meant to set you on the right path to a new and healthier you. You will receive foods and recipes that taste amazing. Like everyone else you will be saying, 'WOW! I had no clue this was out there!'


Laure and I came from an upbringing that consisted of nothing but the 'bad stuff'. I grew up Pennsylvania Dutch and ate tons of different animals and animal parts and Laure grew up Italian so you can imagine everything she ate as far as animal foods are concerned. 


If we can do it, ANYONE can do it. 


Living a healthy lifestyle isn't just for you. It benefits your family as well. You can do more together as you will feel great and want to do more things as your energy level will skyrocket. No matter what age you are!


For the next few weeks we are offering a 15% discount on our 3-Day Meal Plan. Our meal plans are designed personally for YOU. We base it on the foods you like, the foods you don't like etc etc. We also provide a detailed shopping list to match what you need for your entire plan as well as for the easy to make recipes we provide. It's really that simple!


Start your journey today and you will feel amazing tomorrow!


Check out what the 3-Day plan is HERE and use the coupon code LVROCKS to receive your 15% discount. 


Thanks and have a healthy day!


Barry & Laure
















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