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YES, this is a Plant Based/Vegan HOT DOG!

January 5, 2018

Well, if you're not already a plant based/vegan foodie you probably have the same thoughts as so many others have: 'WHAT do you eat and WHERE do you get your protein?'




First, we will talk about the protein myth some other time. Let's just focus on FOOD for now as it is the number one concern for anyone wanting to change their eating lifestyle. 


So WHAT do we eat? Honestly, my wife and I have been at this for so long and it becomes so natural that when someone asks I have to think for a second. Fortunately, we post tons of pics and recipes for all to see. With those pics and recipes we have been helping thousands of people worldwide go and grab the amazing food out there that you most likely don't even know about. 


Today I share with you an American tradition: HOT DOGS. 




Plant Based / Vegan hot dogs that taste absolutely amazing! Hey, before you shake your head and get ready to say, NO WAY!, remember.....I grew up right here in the Lehigh Valley and lived a PA Dutch lifestyle. So if there is anyone who would not believe it, that would be me. 


But here we are and trust me these babies are SOOO GOOOD!


We just found out that Aldi carries a ton of plant based/vegan goodness. So we picked up these plant based/vegan hot dogs and tried them right away. The cheese you see here (yup...plant based/vegan cheese as well!) tastes great as well. It smells, tastes and melts like 'regular' cheese. 


Toasted some rolls, added the cheese and covered to let it melt, through a salad together and added dressing (organic/plant based/vegan of course) we found at Aldi as well and had a very filling meal. And just to let you know....there is a TON of protein in each hot dog. THIRTEEN grams in each hot dog compared to just 5 grams in a traditional hot dog and as a matter of fact has only 3.5 grams of fat. A traditional meat hot dog has 13 grams of BAD fat in one hot dog. 13 BAD GRAMS OF FAT! Yikes.....


Guess what else? These have ZERO cholesterol compared to the traditional hot dog that has 40 m


gs of cholesterol in one hot dog. 


Oh yeah....my PA Dutch in me had to throw some sauerkraut on there ;)


There you have it. Just one of thousands and thousands of foods out there to try that have zero animal products in them taking away all the bad fats and cholesterol. 


Aldi's is a great place! It is very clean, all the employees are great and very helpful, they care about the environment, they care about child labor in other countries and will not buy cocoa or coffee from those countries that use horrible labor practices, they are moving to only use sustainable palm oil. Some of these things we will discuss later on, but for now just know that Aldi has a great selection of organic plant based/vegan foods at a low price. Wegman's is also on top of the plant based/vegan revolution and carry just about everything you need. That is where we do 90% of our shopping. 


Thanks for your time! Until next time!


OH...please comment and post pics if you make your own plant based/vegan hot dogs! 

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