Catasauqua, Pa


Individual Grocery Store Tours

Helping you find goodness you didn't even know about!


Grocery Store Tours are a great way to see what you're truly missing. 


Switching to a vegan way of living/eating can seem overwhelming, especially when you make that first trip to the grocery store and try to figure out what to buy. Quite often this is a frustrating experience that leads one to feel it's all just too hard.


We are here to help with your grocery shopping tour.


Take a grocery store tour with us and learn:

  • how to read labels and indentify whether they contain animal products
  • what items to have on hand in your pantry so you can make a vegan meal in minutes
  • where to find vegan foods in the store
  • what common foods are vegan (there are lots of them!)
  • get exposed to foods that may be new to you but will become a staple in your new vegan lifestyle
  • what foods to use to substitute animal based foods in recipes

You will also receive:

A printout that you will have with you during the tour so you can note aisle numbers and locations of products. No need to try and trust your memory when you go it alone!

You will also get a a collection of some of our favorite simple vegan recipes to get you started (sent via email)


Within 24-72 hours after purchase Barry or Laure Lovelace will be in contact to schedule your tour.


Please read the following BEFORE purchasing:

*Grocery store tours take place at Wegmans in Bethlehem. Individual tours are 1 hour long. If you would like a longer tour we can discuss this as well. 

**Customers are responisble for thier own transportation to the store. 

***Tour starts and ends at the time agreed upon. Please make sure you're on time to get the most benefit out of your experience.