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5-Day Meal Plan

SPECIAL NOTE: ALL meals plans are 100% Vegan, but these plans are for EVERYONE! If you so choose, you can replace anything you like, but in order to stay within your personal 'numbers', whatever you replace should match (as very close as possible) the macronutrients of the food you replaced.


Eating Vegan has come a long, long way not only in the past decade, but the past year. It is skyrocketing, but HOW to rid of meat and dairy and replace it without missing it is the hardest part of all. THAT is what we are here for. Barry and Laure were both non-vegan eaters and were lost as well, but after close to 20-years of eating Vegan and helping so many people, we are here to make your journey painless.


Replace your current meals with 100%  Vegan meals with our help. Our Meal Plans make your life easier when it comes to moving to a Plant Based lifestyle.


The 5-Day Meal Plan is exactly as it reads. You receive five (5) separate meal plans (some of the foods may repeat themselves during the 5-Day period). Depending on the recommended total caloric intake each meal plan will contain breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and another snack as well if needed to fulfill your total caloric intake for the day.


All Personalized and Specific to YOUR Needs!


After the many years in the fitness and athlete training business, one thing is certain, the majority of the general public is unaware of what to do when it comes to losing weight, gaining weight or maintaining weight, as there is so much info out there. Sadly, most of the info is tricking the body for instant results, but not long lasting results.


For athletes, this is VERY IMPORTANT: Barry has worked with thousands and thousands of athletes and one thing that is very common in ALL of them is that they do not supply themselves with enough energy for their long and hard days in school, at practice, at games, at training and on and on and on.




You will receive a customized meal plan just for you and your needs as well as a detailed grocery. The list will contain everything needed to cover the entire 5-Day Meal Plan. Just Print it out and go shopping!


It’s SO easy! Simply fill out the Questionnaire provided after purchase and we will send you your 5-Day plan via email attachment.


The Numbers Plan is included in the 3-Day Meal Plan.



*Please allow up to 72-hours to receive your Questionnaire

**Allow up to two weeks (high end) to receive your 5-Day Meal Plan after filling out the Questionnaire. This is a personalized plan and it takes time to prepare meals based on your likes and dislikes. Please keep in mind many others are choosing these plans as well.


By purchasing the 5-Day Meal Plan you confirm you have read ALL the information above as well as ALL the information on our Disclaimer page.







    There are no refunds. The info we enter is taken from the info you provide in the Questionnaire. 


    All info and communication will be transmitted via the email provided during purchase. You will not receive a hard copy from B&L Fitness, Inc.   

  • Allergies / Gluten Free

    At this time our Meal Plans do not support any known allergies or are Gluten Free. Those who have purchased in the past with either allergies/gluten free simply replaced the foods in the plan with foods that they are not allergic to or are gluten free.