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Meal Plans provided by B&L Fitness, Inc are based on many years in the health and fitness business as well as on our own personal dietary/nutritional habits.

**We are not nutritionists or dietitians and do not represent ourselves as such. We are not guaranteeing the lowering of blood pressure, ridding of heart disease or the like. B&L Fitness, Inc is simply provided a Plant Based Meal Plan. All customers have the choice to change any food item in the plan to their liking**

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By purchasing and participating in this program I acknowledge that Barry and Laure Lovelace are NOT in anyway representing the medical or nutrition field and are providing an information service and not prescribing medical advice of any kind. I also acknowledge that B&L Fitness, Inc is not a medical or nutrition business. I understand fully that the information I choose to purchase is information ONLY and does not guarantee weight loss, weight gain, maintaining weight or or a cure for any illnesses or diseases as well as lowering blood pressure or cholesterol. I accept that the responsibility is mine and understand that medications, genetics and lifestyle play a major role in achieving my goals with this program.  By purchasing this program I agree to ALL of the above and understand that there are NO REFUNDS.